Excelsior Metals offers full structural steel fabrication and onsite millwright services to meet all of your sheet metal processing, prefab, production and pro type fabrication, and assembly work needs.

Primary Processing

Laser and Water Jet Cutting

Materials:  Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Plastic, UHMW, Carbon Fiber, and others.

Thickness: Thin sheet metal through multi-inch plate.

Tube Laser: Excelsior features a Tube Laser to our vast array of equipment.  Offering a unique capability to process a full range of profiles, Pipe, Square, Round and Rectangular Tubes, Angle, and Channel.  This service is an excellent alternative to traditional machining.  Part sizes: 8" x 8" square or round, down to 3/4" square or round.  Input up to 27ft and output part up to 21ft long.

Bandsaw: Automatic feed band saw for accurate sawing within +-.005".

Secondary Processing

Forming:  Available up to 14’ lengths
Rolling: Excelsior offers both Flat Sheet rolling and rolling of a full range of sections. Plate Rolls 60” Wide up to 1/4" Capacity.  Section (Angle) Rolls up to 3" x 3" x 1/4" Capacity.
De-Burr: Edge De-burr, Finishing and Graining are all services routinely provided at Excelsior.   

Assembly Operations

Excelsior maintains an extensive welding and assembly area encompassing some 20,000 sq ft of our facility.  We offer a wide range of processes to handle all types of alloys and a full range of welding operations from simple to complex.

Stick – SMAC:  All Alloys (Steel, Stainless, Aluminum), Certified Welding
MIG – GSAW:   All Alloys – Certified Welding
FCAW:  All Alloys – Certified Welding
TIG – GTAW:    Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Sanitary

Machining: Excelsior offers both machining and turning center capabilities.